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V3 Realty Advisors offers the following services to investors or buyers of income producing properties.

  • Buying or Selling
    V3 is a Premium subscriber to LoopNet.com and Commercial Gateway (CommGate.com). Every day we review new For Sale listings for owner occupied or income producing properties.

    When you are ready to sell, V3 will list the property online and market the property to prospective buyers and the real estate industry.
  • Stress-Free Investing
    Successful investing requires the services of more than a dozen professionals. V3 will provide a team of Real Estate, Legal, Accounting, Financing and Management experts.
  • Business Management
    If foreign nationals or American absentee owners need to establish a local property ownership entity, the V3 team will help set up the business and then manage all aspects of the business for the owner’s benefit.
  • Property Management
    The after-purchase key to success is hands-on, professional and experienced property management. V3’s team has more than 35 years experience managing more than 50 office, retail and multi-family, multi-million dollar properties for profit and growth.


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