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For more than15 years, V3 principals and the V3 team members have successfully delivered cost effective and responsible real estate and business advisory and management services to American and foreign national clients. Our experience and hands-on knowledge has provided us with the following 7 competitive advantages:

  1. V3 Realty Advisors, LLC is the only real estate advisory business in Houston that is devoted primarily to American and foreign national investors.
  1. All of V3’s clients are served by the Principals and expert V3 Team Members.
  1. V3 Principals and Team Members have more than a combined 240 years of business ownership, property ownership and business consulting experience.
  1.  V3 Principals and Team Members are managing 51 commercial properties in the Houston area.
  1. V3 offers clients superior and cost effective real estate investment systems.
  1. V3 offers clients total financial access to rent receipts, bank accounts, and expense records online 24/7.

  2. Over the last 35 years V3 Principals and Team Members have helped clients invest in and/or manage more than $385,000,000  of commercial properties.


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